Top 10 Cydia Tweaks For iOS 7

Cydia Tweaks For iOS 7

With iOS 7 coming out Cydia developers have been putting their head down to develop more and more tweaks and apps. And there are so many tweaks already out for iOS 7 now. In this article we have listed 10 such tweaks which are worth downloading on your device. (these tweaks are not in any specific order)

top 10 cydia tweaks for iOS 7

1) Sicarius:

With new App switcher in iOS 7; there was a need of Cydia tweak for it. Sicarius does exactly the same. You can have 3D effect while closing the running app. There is option to close all apps with a single flick of your finger. You can select exceptions in Sicarius; so those apps will not be closed even when you flick. 
You can select to restart springboard with Sicarius; when you close the running apps. 

2) Activator:

Sicarius was something new; but Activator is old and updated for iOS 7. We already included it in our last list of best Cydia apps and tweaks. Activator allows you to set a trigger action with different shortcuts.

3) CCControls:

CCControls allows to control toggle options in control center. For instance you can display square icons instead of conventional rounds. CCControls allows you to select lock-screen restrictions as well; and apps listed in the restriction won't show when control center is opened while screen is locked. You can also select how many toggles you want to display on control center; one to six.

4) Zeppelin:

This is also updated for iOS 7; and not new tweak. Zeppelin allows you to replace your carried text with different logos like Nike, PacMan, Superman logo and all. For people who like to change the look of the device daily; Zeppelin is really a good option. (You can also select no carries with this Cydia tweak.)

5) Dockshift:

This is new tweak for iOS 7 which allows you to change the look of your dock. You can select different transparency levels of Milk Glass, Darl Glass and Blurred setting.

6) Glowdock:

This is also new Cydia tweak for iOS 7. This tweak gives your device's dock icons a glow effect. There is no setting option; but your device gets a professional look with this tweak.

7) Messages Customiser:

This is really good tweak to customize your SMS bubbles. You can change color, opacity and width of SMS bubble by Messages Customiser tweak. This tweak also allows you to disable message trailing. You can also view contact pictures in chat with this tweak. 

8) StatusModifier:

By using StatusModifier tweak you can see seconds in your iPhone clock. You can also enable free memory display just beside your clock. You have enable/disable button for seconds as well as free memory.

9) TransparentVolume:

One more thing I did not like in iOS 7 is the volume change display. When you are watching video and need to change volume; it kind of hides the background. TranparentVolume is solution for this. You can change the transparency in a way that it does not hinder your view.

10)  Bload:

This tweak changes the default white color of your keyboard to black. All the keyboard like Safari, SMS etc will show white keys on black background with the use of this tweak.
And this inverted keyboard really looks nice....!

That was very much about top 10 Cydia tweaks for iOS 7. Do comment me about your favorite iOS 7 tweaks as well so I can put it in the form of post so others can be benefited. Please share the post so your friends can benefit with these tweaks.

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5 Speed Enhancing Cydia Tweaks For iOS 7

Speed Cydia Tweaks For iOS 7


Do you know why iPhone are so popular in comparison to other smartphone? I am sure 90% or more would say they loved the speed and changed to iPhone. And that is true because iPhone brought dynamics to so many conventional features of smartphones. Unfortunately when I changed to iOS 7 on my iPhone; I was annoyed with slowness. I observed that sometimes some games were not running properly on my iPhone. But now iOS 7 jailbreak is out; and that opened the gates of more and more Cydia tweaks for iOS 7. And in first iOS 7 Cydia post I would like to present 5 tweaks which can improve performance of your iPhone/iPad or iPod running on iOS 7.

1) Nitrous (To Boost Browsing Speed):

With the use of third party browsers like Chrome; is the speed. That is because Apple blocks them using such third party apps from the use of it Nitro Javascript Engine. But with the Nitrous installed on your device; any app using internet is allowed with this access. What else; this app is compatible with iOS 7 and can be downloaded from BigBosss repo for 0.99$.


2) FakeClockUp:

FakeClockUp is not officially launched for iOS 7 but it definitely works like a charm for iOS 7. And this Cydia tweak allows you to change the speed of the animation without losing that Apple Feeling. This has to be in your basket of Cydia tweaks for iOS; and it is free as well. You can get it from repository.



As the name indicates; this Cydia tweak allows you to access inside setting of various functions of your device. Please do not mess up with anything which you are not sure of; though you have a reset default button in the tweak. Check out this video to see this tweak. You can use it to customize your device as per your needs; so minimize load and all.


4) NoSlowAnimations:

This is recently relased tweak and free of charge from BigBos repo. Once this tweak is installed on your device; it won't allow all the animations to start together. This way it will make sure your iOS works faster. 


5) iCleaner Pro:

 Any device's main speed breakers are Caches, temporary application files and cookies. But then; you can get them cleaned by iCleaner pro. This app has not releases iOS 7 version officially yet; but beta version works nicely with iOS 7. You can get iCleaner pro from this repository:

So, that was very much about speed enhancing Cydia Tweaks for iOS 7. Do share this article so more and more people can be benefited. Sharing buttons are below for your convenience.

Free Apps Today - Blurr, Air transfer+ and Calc FLO Pro

In the series of free iPhone apps series, today we have brought you three beautiful apps. These apps are Blurr, Air Transfer+ and Calc FLO Pro. Just to remind you that; please check the FREE offer in your area before you go for installing them. This is because these apps might not be free in your region; or the actual FREE offer might be short or long in your region. So, let's see what is good about these free apps.

1) Blurr - Blur Photos On iPhone:

Do you want to know how can you blur your iPhone photos? Then this app is answer for this. It allows you option of selecting a photo which is present in your photo gallery' or by taking a new picture. You can blur a part of your photo by swiping it. You either blur it or give it mosaic look. There are options to chose brush size and blur level. And you can also undo the blur action. So, you don't have to worry about a friend who does not want his photos on social media. Just blur him and get going. This app is free now; so get it before the offer period ends.

                  blurr free appblurr free app2blurr free app2
Above images are; to show you how Blurr works. First image is original picture. In the second images you can see the Blurr icon is blurred and in third images that icon is having mosaic effect. Once again; this can become a very handy app at times; so get it when it is free...!

2) AirTransfer+ : Easiest Way To Transfer Between iDevice and PC:

This is considered as the easiest way to exchange files between iDevice and PC/Laptop. Provided you are connected on same local area network. It can be used to transfer files like JPG, PNG,GIF, MOV, MP4,MP3, WAV, CAF,PDF and much more. You can transfer your text memos, web address and file using the simple interface. (More information and how to can be seen in Apps help section)

Air Transfer+ can be a very useful app for your if you exchange data between iDevice and PC regularly.

The best part of this app is its drag and drop feature; which makes it easy and simple to use.

3) Calc FLO Pro: Calculate With Style Now

This is for people who calculate a lot on iPhone, iPad calculator and want something else. This stylish calc comes with 9 different skins and sound effect. So, this is something more than conventional calculation. People on iOS 7 might feel this is just like their in-built calc; but this has certainly much more to offer than iOS 7 calculator.  

calc flo pro

Your Turn Now:

Guys if you think your friends should also benefit from any of this lovely apps; please share this post on your social media. For popular social networks the buttons are already added below. Start sharing with your friends so everyone can enjoy the free promotions...!

iOS 7 JailBreak Is Out (But...Be Careful)

iOS 7 Jailbreak Is Out

For Cydia loving people who have been on iOS 7; no Xmas gift is better than iOS 7 jailbreak. And news are flowing that iOS 7 jailbreak is out out. News came out within last 24 hours that Eavsi0n jailbreak is out now which is released by Evad3rs group. This jailbreak is reported to work on any device using iOS 7.0 to 7.0.4; including iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini.

iOS 7 Jailbreak
(As Seen on Evasi0n Webpage)

If we look at Evasi0n's homepage (like image above) they are claiming to provide unethered jailbreaking for all devices. And this jailbreak can be done via Windows; as well as Max Operating System. And this will be a free iOS 7 jailbreak from this group. There are some notes and warnings as well; which can be seen on their webpage. If you intend to jailbreak now; you can always evaluate risk factor by going through those points.

So Why shall you wait?

Now if a unethered iOS 7 jailbreak is out; why shall you wait for it? Well; there are reports that this jailbreak carries a very high risk of a Chinese malware which can harm you big time. Being a Cydia users most people know that the default AppStore for a jailbroken device is CYDIA; but for this particular device it is a Chinese AppStore TaiG. Now; as the authenticity of this new AppStore is not verified; jailbreaking and getting it on your device remains a dangerous decision. There is a lot of discussion going on Twitter and other SNS. For instance you can see Cydia developer Saurik's Twitter Profile.

So, the best way is to wait for some time. Let proper reviews come out for this jailbreak. We have been waiting for almost few months now for iOS 7jailbreak And there is absolutely no harm in waiting for few more days. 

Free Apps Today - OldBooth HD, FishEye Toy Camera, Roxie's Puzzle Adventure

Till now we have been bringing the goodies for jailbroken iPhone and iPad. And then we thought; there are people who don't jailbreak for some obvious reasons. There are advantages and disadvantages of jailbreaking; and for some people it is not worth to jailbreak and install Cydia. For people who can't jailbreak and still want to get updates on free apps, games and all CydiaMasters will bring you them here. You can visit daily to know free iPhone apps, iPhone games, iPad apps and all for the day. Please note some apps and games may only be available for free on a particular day. So you need to check the date on the article before downloading it. (Also you get price info when you download particular app in AppStore; which is second way to know if it is free or not.) Most of the apps and games listed here are free for one day only; so download them with the first opportunity.

Free Apps Today:


1) OldBooth HD (Free iPad App):

Did you ever wonder how would you have looked like if you were born in another era?  Do you want to see yourself as a lady of 1920's or Hippie with funky hairs. Primarily this app is designed for iPad users but it  works on iPhone as well. Below image is created by OldBooth app only.

You can use so many free effects which are there in the app; and there are various effects which can be bought too. Some special effects like Santa Cruse and all are also there in the app. One of the app you would love to have on your iPad.

2) Fisheye Toy Camera:

Something for people who love to do photography by their iPhone camera. This funny app allows you to have fisheye camera effect using your iPhone camera and you can have different effect on that photo too. Look at the Charlie Chaplin image taken by me using this app.

Fisheye toy camera - Free iPhone app

With this free iPhone app you get 11 different color effects. Also you can have the effects on your existing iPhone photos. Worth trying if you love to click pictures by your iPhone.

3) Roxie's Puzzle Adventure:

The classic jigsaw puzzle is there on your iDevice now. You can play this cook jigsaw style puzzle on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. You can go for as high as 260 pieces on iPod and 130 pieces are possible on iPhone. For explanation and training purpose for small children; they can even start with only 6 pieces. 

For harder puzzle experience you can even rotate the pieces. Depending upon the hardness of the puzzle you get 1, 2 or 3 stars on completing the puzzle. If you quit halfway in the puzzle; your progress will be saved and resume when you start the game again. 

This was it for free apps for today. We will come back with more free iPhone apps and free iPad apps tomorrow. Share this page with your friends; so they can also get these apps free.

How To Get AppCake on iPad and iPhone

After the best place for cracked apps download was shut down; it was seen as great setback for all jailbroken device users. But after installous was winded up; there have been a lot of installous alternatives in the iDevice market. And we have already gave a list of installous alternatives on our previous article; but today we will focus only on AppCake. This installous option has gained a lot of popularity as it is really easy to get cracked app on iPhone, iPad and even iPod using AppCake. So let us see how can you obtain it on your device.

how to get AppCake on iPad

AppCake On iPad and iPhone

Cydia Is Manadatoy:

You can have AppCake on any jailbroken device which has Cydia on it. But trying to get it on non jailbroken device is not possible now (hopefully it might soon be available to non jailbroken devices as well). So before moving to next step make sure that you have Cydia on the device; where you want AppCake.

AppCake Source:

Open Cydia and proceed to new source adding page by going to Cydia > Sources > Edit > Add. (This is same for adding any Cydia source; so people who are familiar with it can do it in the blink of an eye). 

A box will appear asking for Cydia/APT url. Enter AppCake repo here. There are few more Cydia sources which are known to host AppCake; but this is the reliable most. Once the source is fed in the area; you can tap on add source.
your device will verify repo and it will be added to your device. For iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 without HD you can select AppCake+ and devices with HD can go for AppCake HD too. 

For AppCake to run for the first time; device has to be rebooted. So please reboot your iPhone/iPad as soon as AppCake is installed on your device. Once it is installed on your device you can see the icon on your springboard. 

How To Install HipStore On Your iPhone

When we discussed best Installous alternatives we included HipStore in it and we also mentioned that this alternative is easy as it allows drag and drop feature. This app allows you to try any paid app for free as long as the IPA file for the same is available to download. Now let us see how to install HipStore on your iPhone via Cydia. Remember the main purpose of any app like this is to let you try any app before buying. so if you find the app good enough please buy it as developers spend a lot of energy and hard work to develop them.

HipStore Installation:

how to install HipStore on your iPhone

1) You must have a jailbroken device to go ahead with this app installation. So, if you don't have a jailbroken device. You should first jailbreak your iPhone.

2) Now install the appropriate AppSync on your device. If you are on iOS 5.x you would need AppSync 5.0+ and accordingly. 

3) Now you can add HipStore source. You should go to Cydia> Sources > Edit > Add. cydia.heaveniphone is the repo you should add.

HipStore is now added on your iDevice. Now let us see how to get cracked apps on iPhone with it.

How To Add Cracked iPA Files:

a) On your HipStore on your device (you need to select iPhone for iPhone and all) search for the app you are looking for or browse all the apps.

b) If that app is available in HipStore it will appear in results. Once you click an entry on search items it will show information, app details and download option. You can install the app by tapping the download button. Please don't exit HipStore until installation is finished or it might be stopped.

c) Open IPA installer (download one if you don't have it). The app you just installed should be there in Downloads section. Tap on it to install it on your device. You can enjoy the game or utility you just installed via HipStore now.....!

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iOS 7 Theme on iOS 6 and iOS 5

For a person using a jail-broken iPhone; iOS update is the worst thing to welcome. Because there exists a silent competition between jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. We have already listed advantages and disadvantages of jailbreaking; and now you know that the choice could be either way. But one thing is sure that when there is a new iOS  update the non-jailbroken guys have the upper hand for some time. And same is the case with new iOS 7 update with coolest iOS 7 theme with it. Apple has brought a lot of changes and in fact some Cydia tweak adapted by Apple in iOS 7 made it really great looking iOS 7 theme.

And if you are on iOS 6 or lesser you might have to wait for Cydia update for iOS 7; or there is an alternate way. Which is getting all those cool iOS 7 features in your iOS 6 device by few tweaks and apps. So if you chose to go for plan B here is the list of tweaks you should get.

Things Needed To Have iOS 7 Theme:

iOS 7 Theme on iOS 6 and iOS 5

1) iOS 7 Lock Screen:
Unlock7 is the name of the tweak which brings iOS 7 unlock interface on your iOS 6 and old devices. This tweak is free on BigBoss as well as ModiMyi repo. With this tweak you get liberty of swiping anywhere to unlock and have larger wallpaper size as well for the lock screen.

2) iOS 7 Theme:
This is useful to change the looks of your iPhone icons and folder. This can be done by installing a tweak called iOS 7 theme. Make sure you install one from pw5a29; as there are a couple of tweaks with the same name. This theme will take care of all the icon and glossy effect on the dashboards. This will also take care of settings menu changes for your device.

3) iOS 7 Font:
It is hard for a person using iOS 6 to tell difference between iOS 6 and iOS 7 fonts. But when you actually use it; you can make it out easily. After you install iOS 7 font tweak there will be an app icon on your device. Make sure iOS 7 is selected when you open that app.

4) iOS 7 Auxo Theme:
This is to have transparent app switcher effect on your jailbroken device. This is a must part of iOS theme and you should have this in your tweaks to have full iOS effects on your phone.

5) iOS 7 Calculator Theme:
This tweak is intended to have same calculating effect on your iOS 6; compared to iOS 7. Though there are a couple of minor changes in this tweak in comparison to original iOS 7 (i.e. addition of mc, m-, m+ and mr button which are missing in original iOS thing).

6) Live Wallpapers: 
For the purpose of having live wallpapers on your iPhone using iOS 6 and less you can go for vWallpaper. As iOS 7 theme is equipped with a live wallpaper setting better you have one in your basket too.

So you can have these Cydia tweaks which will give you iOS theme experience on your iOS 6 or lesser (not 100%, but satisfactory enough till you wait for iOS 7 jailbreaking). Have your valuable comments on this article and please share this article via button given below so everyone takes advantage out of it.....!